Darice Bailer
Puffin's Homecoming
Soundprints, 1993
ISBN 978-0924483905
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Puffin's Homecoming: The Story of an Atlantic Puffin

Smithsonian Wild Heritage Collection

Alone, far out in the North Atlantic, a puffin drifts and dives, floats and flies. But as winter ends, the puffin grows restless. Spring is tugging him back toward the island where he was born. And there, for the first time in seven months, the puffin sees his mate! Together, they will raise a little chick. Their chick will grow bigger and stronger until one dark summer night she, too, flutters off to sea. How long can the chick remain in the ocean? And, will she ever find her parents again?


Parents’ Choice Gold Award

Puffin's Homecoming

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